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3-18-2015-  “Black Snipers in Ferguson??? Is the Intifada (Uprising) COMING or is it already here?” “CreFLOW $ GONE GET that $65 million Jet. How Church KNEE-GROWS are as Sweet as Bear Meat to the Black Pastors.” “Dark Skin verses Light Skin. The making of a slave.” “The State of Black Relationships and why the black man is grabbing up THE SNOW BUNNIES (white women).” “Angie Stone’s two piece to her daughter’s grill.” “Marvin Gaye’s family win $7 million lawsuit. “Got to give it up” Pharrell, and Mr. Thicke.”

03-25-2015 Netanyahu apologizes for using the Race card against the HOUSE NIGGAS of the Middle East. Caucasoid LOVE, Rapper Common’s solution to end racism: Enter the mind of the CORPORATE HOUSE NIGGA. Monie Davis. A symbol of hope for her generation. Mississippi STILL burning. Strange fruit hanging from a tree in Mississippi. A Tale of TWO Flags. Confederate Flag vs American Flag. Two symbols of oppression. On death row without the death sentence. Blacks and Asian deaths behind bars.

04-07-2015 BOOT LICKERS at SCLC suspends Pastor who called for blacks to arm and defend themselves.” The Killing or CULLING of young black man continues in the Police State. 17-year-old Justus Howell, was shot twice while fleeing officers, with one bullet penetrating his heart, spleen and liver, and the other entering his right shoulder Rappers BEWARE! “Those LIES u tell in your songs about how G u are in CAN AND WILL be held against u in a court of law.” “Pres Obama inks peace deal with Iran and the Devils are PISSED.” Color Struck KNEE-GROWS in America. Colorism and classism is alive and well in the black community. “16 States Have More People In Prison Than In College Dorms. Take one guess where these states are located???”

04-14-2015-“ U should expect nothing less from DEVILS.” Online account set up for the Pig who murdered Walter Scott the DAY after his arrest.” “It aint about race.” WHAT IS IT about the KNEE-GROW that he or she feel compelled to say shit they think is pleasing to the Caucasoid's ears??? “FILM THA POLICE!” Congressman Clyburn calls for young people to keep filming the PIGS. “God DID create a DEVIL.” New Texas bill would prevent bystanders from filming the PIGS. “The Terminator made real.” U.N. debates the use of “Killer Robots.” “BROTHERS GONNA WORK IT OUT.” Damon Dash schools young brothers on the virtues of owning YOUR OWN SHIT and BEING YOUR OWN BOSS.”

04-21-2015-Black Cops, black C.O.s, day straw bosses. “Why blacks who work for the system are in many cases worse than whites.” The systematic “Culling” of black men continues. “Freddie Gray dies of his injuries inflicted by PIGS.” “Enemy Forces” “adversaries.” Document’s reveal covert war on blacks. Love and embrace the Caucasoid and slay their own. The worldwide KNEE-GROWISM. “Rash of black on black killings in South Africa.” The difference a headline makes. “The American media’s complicity with American foreign policy agenda.” The fallacies of the “New Black.” The white man: “The bain of planet earth’s existence.”

04-28-2015 - Unrest in Baltimore, a forecast to things to come. This is not your grandparents protest. “Outside Agitators.” KNEE-GROWS using the talking points of DEVILS. Property damage and looting, and NOT the death of Freddie Gray is the KNEE-GROW focus. Mother slapping her black child on T.V. for looting is fine today and child abuse yesterday Does a sign of unity between Gangs represent an ominous sign for America? The KNEE-GROW’S misguided celebration of Loretta Lynch swearing in as TOP COP in the U.S. Ayatollah of Iran “Trolls” Pres Obama: “Blacks have a President who look like them and they are still being oppressed.”

05-05-2015 - The Six Pigs have been charged with Freddie Gray’s death. BUYER BEWARE. Uprising vs. Riot. The Devils are BUSY. UNLEASH OUR CORPORATE HOUSE KNEE-GROWS. What the fuck are we paying them for? Older KNEE-GROWS in Baltimore make themselves human shields to protect PIGS. Self Defense is a GOD GIVEN right. The four point strategy that will end police brutality. THE STRUGGLE IS GLOBAL. Ethiopian Jews rally against police brutality in Palestine. A word on Mayweather and Pacquiao. The fight that didnt excite but did INCITE. A glimpse at the DEVILISH American white man’s prison industrial complex “Modern day slavery.”

05-12-2015 -The white outrage continues against B. More State Attorney Marilyn Mosby Report reveals 2,600 Freddie Gray’s in Baltimore. The Revolution wont be televised. Pentagon admits it’s preparing for mass civil breakdown. If u are Black in AmeriKKKa u are BORN a suspect. The 911 calls from whites by mere sight of black people. From White Hoodies to Blue Uniforms. White Supremacists infiltrations of law enforcement. Brother in Florida cleared in killing of a Skin Head. BLACK LIVES MATTER. T-R-U-T-H. That five letter word NO Devil likes. Black Boston University Professor tweets to whites their ancestors were “land thieves and slave owners.”

5-19-2015 - No charges for the Pig who shot Justin Howell in the back. ARMED AND BLACK. Black Panthers patrol their hoods and Caucasoids freak out. Black open carry vs white open carry. A tale of two second amendment rights. KKK vs al-Qaeda. Terrorism is in the eye of the beholder. Rosa Parks. Sojourner Truth. Harriet Tubman. Barbara Jordan. Shirley Chisholm . Eleanor Roosevelt. The new faces of the twenty spot 920 dollar bill). After biker shootout in Texas that leave 9 dead, Cops chill with the suspects. Black man survives the war in Iraq to die at the hands of the Pigs here.

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02-10-2015 - The Good White Christians, America's Dirty Little Secret: the WMD attacks on Black Communities, An Eye for and Eye: Jordanian Pilot Get Burned, No White Savior in movie Selma...No Cudos, Indiana...the Right to Kill a Pig State. 

2-17-2015 - Everything ain't what it seem nor what you've been told... America's False Flag, The Law...What does Morality gotta do with it? al-Cracker Strikes Again...The Murder of 3 Muslim Students, White Man's Justice...Black Man's Grief, The NBA...The Gay Agenda's next Conquest, You better let Niggahs know you GOT A DICK!...The Killing of a Flip Flopper (Tranny)

2-24-2015 - White Man's Justice: Black Man's Grief. Something to be said about the Mind of a Knee-Grow. The raping of the Black Community:Preaching ain't easy. Child Support Enforcement and the New Destruction of the Black Family. The President who hates the Country he leads...According to DEVILS.

03-03-15 - Tonight's Topics: Atlanta Blackstar's list of MODERN DAY UNCLE TOMS, Lee Daniels of Empire and BOOTLICKING BLACK AMERICA, Netanyahu and the war mongering DEVILS in America, ...and the Beat Goes On, Po Po keep killing while the government keep promising...KNEEGROWS in high places. Farewell to a trail blazer, Earl Lloyd...the FIRST BLACK NBA BASKETBALL PLAYER!

3-10-15- Tonight’s Topics “Bloody Sunday and The Failure of Black Leadership, Fifty Years Later.” “The Continued Assault on Black Life in AmeriKKKa. Another Black Life Lost.” The Murder of Tony Robinson" “White AmeriKKKa’s Racist Underbelly Uncovered.” “The White Man’s Swan Song.” White’s Low Birth Rates or Divine Intervention. “Who’s the Real Threat to World Peace? “Another example of White Man’s Justice, Black Man’s Grief.” The Case of Kaleef Browder.